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Basic instructions

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When you wish to add something onto your page and edit it, you just need to click on the page which has your name (in the Sidebar) and then click Edit. This will enable you to write on your page as if you were writing a Word document . Don’t forget to click the Save button when finished – otherwise your editing won’t be saved. You can use different fonts displayed in the tab above the text you are writing, and different colours, either for the text or for the background on which the text appears.


Adding a photo 

If you wish to add a photo to your page you first need to make sure that your photo has been resized to 100x100 maximum. It has to be done before you upload it.

In order to upload  a photo to the wiki you need to click on the Images and files tab on the right hand side (this is done while you are in Edit mode) and you upload your picture (from your computer).

Then, while you are in Edit mode, click on the Images and files tab in the Insert links Page tool on the right hand side of the screen. There you will see the whole list of uploaded files and photos. Then put the cursor on your page where you would like the picture to be placed and just click on the picture (under the Images and files tab) which you would like to have on your page. Don’t forget to click on Save button in order to save your work!

You can view and listen to these Instructions at the bottom of Front Page! 


French accents on a PC 

If you are using  a PC running XP this is how you make accents in French:

Ctrl  + inverted comma key + e =é

Ctrl+`( ` key)+ e =è

Ctrl+` (as above) + a = à

Ctrl Shift (together)+ ^ + i,o or ,u = î,ô, û


Here is another options for PC users:

Use the Character map: to open "Character Map", go to All Programs-Accesories-System Tools-Character Map.Once open,  just put the cursor in the text you are writing, click the symbol you want and insert.  Once you've opened it once, just click on Start and it will always be ready, just a click away on the left hand side menu.

Read more if necessary about Windows Character Map by clicking here <http://vlaurie.com/computers2/Articles/charset.htm>  


French accents on a MAC 

If you are using MAC this is how you make accents in French:  

à = Option (alt) + ` + a

â = Option (alt) + i + a

ç = Option (alt) + c

é = Option (alt) + e + e

è = Option (alt) + ` + e

ê = Option (alt) + i + e

ë = Option (alt) + u + e

î = Option (alt) + i + i

ï = Option (alt) + u + i

ô = Option (alt) + i + o

ö = Option (alt) + u + o

œ = Option (alt) + q

ù = Option (alt) + ` + u

ü = Option (alt) + u + 



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