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On this page you will find all your assignments and tasks. Please check this page regularly and complete your tasks on time. You will be given 5 points for each completed task; more complex tasks will be rewarded with more points. For each 100 points collected you will be rewarded with a special prize. Go for it!



Write a paragraph to introduce yourself and place it onto your page. You will find instructions how to edit your page when you click on Basic instructions  in the sidebar. For more detailed instructions read the PBwiki manual. In order to complete Task 1 you need to write a paragraph of about 100-150 words which will include: your age and date of birthday, the place where you live and the school you go to, some details about your family (brothers, sisters, their names, age, description, etc), your hobbies, the things you usually do in your free time or at the weekend, the chores you do in house, the food you like, your favourite subjects at school and anything else you think is interesting about you. You can also add your picture if you wish. The instructions how to add a picture can also be found in Basic instructions.



In about 100-120 words describe your last weekend - what you did at home, where you went, who you met, talked to etc. Use the vocabulary related to this topic from your Tapis Volant text-book.



In about 100-120 words describe an event you remember well: something that happened to you some time ago and you still have fond memories of (a birthday party, your first day at school, a holiday, etc).

Start your writing with “Je me souviens quand… “



In the two introductory texts on the Front page find all adjectives and list them. Put them into two columns according to their gender (M and F). For each of these adjectives find out the  form of the opposite gender, so that when the task is completed you have two columns with all adjectives in both their (M and F) forms.


TASK 5 (Year 12 only)

Using  information in Unité 1 (Le Bahut) of the text-book Ça y est! describe the two educational systems: the school system in France and in New Zealand. What are the most obvious differences? Refer to the school week and school days, the number and choice of subjects, school uniform, etc. What do you like most about the school in New Zealand?



On the page  Les Chansons you will find the lyrics of the song Les Bêtises de Bébé Lilly. Find out all passé composé verb forms and copy them out onto your page. 



Mes vacances - In about 150 words describe your last holiday: what you did or what you were doing, who  you spent most time with, where  you went and how it was, how you felt about it...  What was the weather like, did you visit any interesting sites, museums, etc,  did you buy anything? Use your memory and imagination!  



Read carefully the biography you were given on the hand-out in class and, based on this example, write a biography of someone you know well: a member of your family or one of your family friends. You can interview your uncle or auntie, your grandfather or grandmother, for example. Ask them questions in order to get information when they did something, how it was, how they felt about it, etc.  


TASK 9 (Year 12)

Write an email to a French friend (120-150 words) describing what you will be doing during the next holidays. Include some of the following points:

- any sporting or leisure activities you will be doing

- any travel or job plans you have made

- what young New Zealanders generally do in their holiday

- any aspect of the holidays that you are particularly looking forward to.





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